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Electrical Project 1

Greenhead Gymnastic Club LED lighting upgrade – Huddersfield

Our client at Greenhead Gymnastic Club in Huddersfield contacted us to request assistance with an LED lighting upgrade at their premises, to help their rising stars shine without being dazzled!

Located in the specially converted St Thomas’s Church since 1979 after the club outgrew its previous temporary homes in Huddersfield’s local schools, Greenhead Gymnastics offer a space for budding gymnasts to practice and learn from world-class coaches.

While the club has invested in lots of updates and improvements over the years, one area that still needed attention was the internal lighting.

Electrical Project 2
A fit-for-purpose LED lighting solution

This LED lighting upgrade served two purposes for our client: making their lighting much more ‘green’, while actually also making their lighting a lot less green! Let us explain…

A key issue with the existing set-up was the use of fluorescent lighting, which not only bathed the hall in a slightly spooky green light but also created a lot of glare – not ideal for a gymnast trying to focus on an awesome feat of acrobatics! In all seriousness though, it’s important that these athletes can practice without distractions – as mistakes can come with injury, which in turn can put an end to training for a while.

We recommended an LED lighting upgrade using NVC products, providing an anti-glare solution for a better practice space, while also delivering some eco-credentials and savings on their energy bills.

If you’d like to discuss an LED lighting upgrade or installation, give us a call – in the meantime, we’ll be keeping a close eye on Greenhead in case one of their students ends up in the Olympics one day!

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