While speaking to the client during this lighting installation in O2’s Bradford Foster Square store, we learned that retail environments see a large increase in customers when the store is nice and bright – so it made perfect sense for them to upgrade their lighting to encourage more people to walk through the doors!

Unlike some of the other electrical and lighting installations we’ve carried out for O2, this job had to be completed during business hours, so it was a little more complicated.

Health and safety was our biggest priority, so it was a job for a team of two this time. We used barriers to stop staff and customers from getting too close to the electrical works, and one of our electricians would change the fitting, while the other kept an eye on the area and issued warnings to anyone straying too close.

As with other O2 projects, we swapped their old, inadequate lighting solutions for modern LED panels – making sure that the store was much more friendly-feeling, while also helping the managers to reduce energy costs with these much more efficient lights.


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